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                                                                                                            —  and many more!

EDITOR (Sample only) TOP 

Editor of Network, the Canadian Women’s Health Network magazine, 2002-2007

– Network, Fall/Winter 2007
– feature articles include: ‘The HPV vaccination debate rages on,’ ‘Women, gender
and mental health,’ ‘What Older Women Want,’ ‘Infant feeding experiences
of women survivors of childhood sexual abuse,’ and much more!

– Network, Spring/Summer 2007
– feature articles include: ‘Aboriginal women too often the victims of racialized,
sexualized violence,’ ‘The politics of remembering women murdered by men,’
‘Intimate partner violence is a public health issue,’ and much more!

– Network, Fall 2005
 – feature articles include: ‘HIV/AIDS on rise for Canadian women’, ‘Alarming rates of
HIV/AIDS for Canada’s Aboriginal women’, ‘The silent voices of the HIV/AIDS epidemic
in Canada: African and Caribbean women in Toronto’, ‘Improving access to emergency
contraception’, ‘Canada needs a health and healing strategy for First Nations, Inuit and
Métis women’, and much more!

– Network, Summer/Fall 2004
 – feature articles include: ‘Turn up the heat: Coalition for the Rights of Sex Workers’
demands safe and healthy working environments, ‘Coming out about lesbians and
cancer’, ‘Canada’s health system failing women in rural and remote regions’, ‘C-section
on demand not just a matter of choice’, and much more!

– Network, Spring 2004
– feature articles include: ‘Compassionate care benefits not compassionate enough’,
‘Women’s cycles up for sale’, ‘Life after breast cancer’, ‘Reproductive choice not a
reality in rural and remote regions’, ‘Manufacturing addiction’, and much more!

– Network, Fall 2003
– feature articles include: ‘Midwifery in Canada continues to face challenges’, ‘Prenatal
Technologies may not offer reproductive choice’, ‘Degree of women’s homelessness
underestimated, study finds’, ‘Health complications from breast implant surgery
common,’ and much more!

– Network, Winter 2003
 – feature articles include: ‘Reclaiming Menopause: Another look at HRT and the
medicalization of women’s bodies’, ‘Reading Romanow on women’s health’, ‘Building
bridges across difference and disability’, ‘Caring for the dying in hospital,’ and much

POSTERS (Sample only) TOP  

 – Canadian Women’s Health Network posters (English and French), Don’t
Swallow Everything You Hear About Women’s Health,
 2007. Concept by
Kathleen O’Grady. Design by Idea Marketing. Photo by Firstlight. Also
adopted by Women and Health Protection.

 – Women and Health Protection poster (English and French),
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Concept by Kathleen O’Grady.  Design by Folio.  Copyright, Kathleen O’Grady.
Published in FishPiss Vol.3, No.1 (2004), pp. 13, 22.  Published in Herizons (Summer
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Canadian Health Coalition.

  – Women and Health Protection poster (English and French),
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Concept by Kathleen O’Grady.  Design by Folio.  Illustration by Pierre-Paul Pariseau.
Copyright, Kathleen O’Grady. Published in FishPiss Vol.3, No.1 (2004), pp. 13, 22. Also
adopted by the Canadian Women’s Health Network.

 – Canadian Women’s Health Network poster (English and French), Blood Money,
April 2004. Concept by Kathleen O’Grady.  Design by Folio.  Photo by Christina Gapic
   Copyright, Kathleen O’Grady. Also adopted by the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.
Included in the documentary, Period: The end of menstruation? by Giovanna Chesler (g6

 – Canadian Women’s Health Network poster (English and French), Violence in the
, April 2004. Concept by Kathleen O’Grady.  Design by Folio.  Illustration by
Pierre-Paul Pariseau. Copyright, Kathleen O’Grady. 
Also adopted by Family Abuse

 –  Canadian Women’s Health Network poster (English and French), Homecare in
, April 2004.  Concept by Kathleen O’Grady.  Design by Folio.
Illustration by 
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who’s picking up the tab?” in Women and Environments, Fall/Winter 2004/5, p. 52.

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  – Women’s Health Bureau, Health Canada poster (English and French), for the
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with the Women’s Health Bureau. Design by Folio. Copyright, Women’s Health
Bureau, Health Canada.

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