FIRST WORDS: Patti Kay’s Dreamworks

 (4-6 yrs)
By Kathleen O’Grady
Illustrations by Brona Keenan
Bayeux Press, 2000
Kathleen O’Grady creates the wondrous world of Patti Kay — luminous with blue-eyed beetles, fireflies, waltzing petunias, Lish the goldfish, calico kittens mewing in falsetto, and orange kangaroos singing “Old King Cole was a merry old soul….” (more…)


SWEET SECRETS: Stories of Menstruation 

(8-16 years)
Authored and Edited by Kathleen O’Grady and Paula Wansbrough
Sumach Press, 1997
In her diary, Anne Frank describes the coming of her period as a “sweet secret,” a step toward womanhood she anticipates with wonder, joy, confusion and fear.  Girls today often experience this time of their lives with the same mixture of emotions.”What’s going on with my body?  What does menstruation feel like?  How will my friends react?”  Focusing on their concerns about menstruation, and supplemented by clearly articulated health information, this unique collection of short stories will reassure and enlighten young women… (more…)