::Kathleen O’Grady is a writer and political and media strategist living in Ottawa, Canada. She is a Research Associate at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Concordia University and the author and editor of numerous books and articles on health policy, women’s and cultural issues.

She is also the Founding Director of QUOI Media Group, specializing in political, policy and media research and strategy consulting; her clients include the Senate of Canada, Social Research and Development Corporation, the Evidence Network of Canadian Health Policy and many more politicians, NGOs, musicians, artists and authors.

Her book publications include, Canadian Health Policy in the News: Why Evidence Matters (CIHR funded, Apple iBook store) ; Sweet Secrets (Sumach); French Feminism and Religion (Routledge); Religion in French Feminist Thought (Routledge) and Bodies, Lives, Voices (Sheffield). She has also authored children’s fiction, including First Words: Patti Kay’s Dreamworks (Bayeux).

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